Change is a Universal Constant

We always say, "It's not your fault, but it is your responsibility." The minute you understand this you begin to understand that change will always be your friend We are responsible. 


StrataG is the focus of our work!

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Meet The Team

Arthur G. Padilla

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Chief Looking-Forward Officer

Barbara Dawson

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Chief-Moving-Forward Officer

Theressia Hamilton

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Chief Making-it-Happen Officer

Mark Buckley

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Chief Keeping -it-Together Officer

LaJuana Johnson

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Chief-Difference is Best-Officer

About Us

We Use Strategic Process to Support Change

StrataG.Works is a company that brings together the collective talents of four Principals. We have been nonprofit professionals for over 25 years each and we bring many years of experience. Over the past 10 years, we have found ourselves working together so we decided to make it official. We also bring with us a number of partners from across the nation that we work with when we need someone extra special. We are very clear that we cannot do everything we do alone. To see our collective work over the past few years head over to "Our Clients," page. For more about us click below! 

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