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Ask a Consultant: Establishing Long-Term Racial Equity Teams Within Your Organization

Presented by ACN members Mary Morten of Morten GroupDennis Johnson of Sort Sol Group and Tricia Lazzar of StrataG. Works and our moderator was Suzanne Griffith of VEGA Partners.

August 11, 2020


Anti-racist, DEI, Racial Equity, Social Justice – these topics have circulated for years, but how do we weave it into the very fabric of our organizations and our work? Hear from expert consultants and discuss with fellow nonprofits where you are on this journey and build the institutional muscle to take lasting action.

Episode 6: The Dark Underbelly of Organizational Politics  February 23, 2021
Season 2

Organizational politics are normal organization attributes and navigating internal politics is a necessary leadership skill for selling ideas and influencing others with diverse interests without compromising your integrity or the organization’s values. There is evidence that if used skillfully and transparently, organizational politics can assist leaders in negotiating difficult workplace situations and advancing strategy. On the other hand, a leader’s inability to navigate the political “system”, the dirty power plays, and the constant undermining of colleagues and subordinates for personal gain, can make or break their career. 


Join us for the next Leadership Uncensored as we explore the Dark Underbelly of Organizational Politics. Three expert leaders will share their own dysfunctional political encounters, discuss [submitted] “stories from the field” and provide wisdom to both seasoned and aspiring leaders.

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Our Presentation with the Association of Consultants Network- Ask a Consultant Series: Using Data for Storytelling (Part One) – Data for Driving Strategy & Measuring Impact

Ask a Consultant: Using Data for Storytelling (Part One) – Data for Driving Strategy & Measuring Impact


Margaret Conway, Co-Founder, and Director of Learning, Convergence Design Lab

Sarah Keister Armstrong, Principal, Sarah Keister Armstrong & Associates

Arthur Padilla, Senior Managing Partner, StrataG. Works

Suzy Lee, Director of Nonprofit Strategy & Engagement, Forefront

February 3, 2021


Funders often request or require data and respond well to powerful stories about real people. How do you build a compelling narrative with data to back it up? This program will focus on how to get started collecting and using data in your strategy, program design, and impact measurement. If you’re not sure where to start collecting data, or you have some information and want to learn more ways to use it, this program is for you.

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