Do you struggle with how to implement a sustainable and practical evaluation strategy?

We specialize in working with agencies just like yours! If you are struggling to find an effective evaluation strategy, you have come to the right place.


Our online process for this area of our work is currently under development. Please contact us for a free consultation and more information.

Cohort: As small as 1 to 20 individuals

Timeframe: Meet 1x a week for 5 weeks

Format: A mix of virtual and self-paced learning




In his role as our developmental evaluator, Arthur made it possible for our team members to combine and leverage our strengths, passions, and perspectives in order to help public school teachers learn about Alaska Native cultures, and about their own individual cultures and biases. The work is so delicate, so complex, and so important, and there are few people who can navigate all of these pressures at once. Arthur was truly a wonderful partner for us in this work.

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Vision: We will be the premier consulting firm in the country for nonprofit change and leadership management using a DEIA framework.