Do you struggle with getting your fundraising fired up? Are you struggling to find time to develop something just for you!? This Peer-to-Peer learning model will help you create and implement your own creative fundraising.


Our project allows novice fundraisers to learn the ropes, explore their fundraising preferences, and create a personal fundraising strategy. Everyone who needs or wants to fundraise will enjoy this interactive and engaging learning experience.

We use a strength-based approach, and we work with community volunteers, boards, and nonprofit staff to create personalized fundraising plans. 

Cohort: Groups of 4 to 30

Timeframe: Meet 2x a week for 2 - 4 weeks

Format: A mix of virtual and self-paced learning



Arthur is an agent of real change. His approach to goals is the perfect mix of optimism (that change is possible) and reality (there are always limitations). No matter the challenge, Arthur creates a positive environment in which everyone does their best work. A rare gem, both personally and professionally.

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Mission: Inspire and support the development and implementation of authentic and personalized change management using a DEIA framework. 

Vision: We will be the premier consulting firm in the country for nonprofit change and leadership management using a DEIA framework.