• We have designed this Learning Space to be used specifically for strategic planning, program planning, collective impact projects, and new grassroots projects designing a strategy.

  • We invite four agencies from around the country to work in tandem to implement our model.

  • We act as facilitators and guides and we train community members to do the same thing.

  • The tools in this course include how to assess for readiness; data gathering strategies, design, and implementation; data analysis using free or cost-effective tools; how to create effective reports using the data; presenting your data to your community.

  • This process will take a minimum of 19-weeks and can last up to 18 months. 

Cohort: Small Groups of 4-6 individuals

Timeframe: Meet 1x a week for 10 weeks

Format: A mix of virtual, virtual group, and self-paced learning

Listen to Tricia Lazzar explain the StrataG.Works approach to planning. 



Arthur utilizes equity-focused SMART objectives woven with relational, participatory, and experiential approaches to achieve innovative results and collective impact. He brings a light-hearted, collaborative energy, and a laugh that inspires a fun approach to getting the job done. He’s my go-to for analyzing complex leadership and organizational challenges.

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Mission: Inspire and support the development and implementation of authentic and personalized change management using a DEIA framework. 

Vision: We will be the premier consulting firm in the country for nonprofit change and leadership management using a DEIA framework.