At StrataG̅ Works we help organizations navigate change by intentionally dismantling assumptions and challenging the status quo through using an inclusive process that elevates voices from across all perspectives, backgrounds, races, genders, abilities and sexual orientations so they can be heard at every level of leadership within their organization; creating a culture where everyone feels valued for who they are – not just for what they do or how well they do it!


Professional transitions are hard but you don't have to do it alone in our Reflective Solutions Executive Training (ReSET). This program is online, peer-based, challenging, and a lot of fun


Do you need to facilitate online but don't know where to start? This is for you! Practice and get feedback in this collaborative learning space. 


This is a deep dive into program evaluation and how you can embed it in your culture to support your mission-based work without stressing out your staff or clients. 


Walk away with a plan to accelerate your organization's mission in a supported rich peer-to-peer environment. 


Create a fundraising strategy for your unique firm in an interactive and engaging learning experience. 


We're building sustainability into caregiving through this interactive and supportive program. Whether you work alone or in a large agency this is for you. 

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Mission: Inspire and support the development and implementation of authentic and personalized change management using a DEIA framework. 

Vision: We will be the premier consulting firm in the country for nonprofit change and leadership management using a DEIA framework.