We develop sustainable evaluation systems and teach agencies how to integrate evaluation into their program planning.​​



Learning to Lead


We provide one-on-one and team leadership coaching. We use a science-based approach to change management based on behavior and learning theories. We have developed an online, peer-based support project for people in professional transition. 

Online Training


We have created numerous courses online over the past 10 years. We became interested in distance learning in 2013, we worked with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium to develop several online courses. This work was spurred by the creation of a statewide, fiber-optic communication system that allowed all of Alaska to be virtually connected. This was an excellent training ground for today's experience created by COVID-19. We are experts at converting your in-person workshop to an online learning experience.  



We provide full agency assessments with regard to strategy and diversity, equity, and inclusion work. We organize our work using a community a participatory model so each planning project is unique. and tailored to your needs. 

Recently we have developed a "help-you-plan," model where we guide and support you to do the bulk of the data gathering work including interviews, focus groups, and data analysis. This approach creates a sustainable, strategically focused agency. This plan reduces expenses while enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. 

Curriculum Development



All of our work is paired with educational components, which we have developed over the past ten years. We use a science-based approach to adult learning and we integrate academics and experiential processes to create our most effective training. We have created training for many agencies that include trauma-informed care to peer-based online fundraising. Because we have such a large depth and breadth in our team, there is almost nothing we won't tackle. 

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